The Cloudfm County Cricket Club are pleased to announce the installation of Pitchvision at the Allen Ford Group Graham Gooch Cricket Centre.

The system, integrated into the surface at the Cricket Centre is used in pre-season with the Academy and senior squads.

Anthony McGrath, Head Coach sees it as an effective tool to mix it up and challenge the players. “Some weeks it will be yorkers or slow bouncers. This will help us build a profile of each player.”

“The Pitchvison system that is permanently installed at the Allen Ford Group Graham Gooch Cricket Centre allows me to gather accurate information about all aspects of our bowlers outcomes. The system will track where each ball bounces, how much the ball deviates and where the ball passes the stumps. The system will also register the speed of the delivery and capture video footage of each bowler who balls. The information gathered is then stored for either myself or the head bowling coach to refer to at a later date so we can measure improvement in both speed and accuracy as well as compare video footage of the bowlers action to enable us to make the required adjustments to give the bowler the best chance to reduce the risk of injury. The System is available to be used by the general public under the supervision of our staff.” – Pete Williams, Head Analyst.

Pitchvision will also be available for clubs and schools who book the facility for winter net coaching.

For more information please contact us on 01245 254029 or [email protected]